Silje's appearances

the year 1995 - February 24.



article in Oppland Arbeiderblad Monday February 27. 1995


Translated by Dag Sirnes:

Great lesson in mouth jazz


Silje Nergaard
at Kafé Frimand

An inspired Silje Nergaard gave an impressive demonstration of how you can jazz yourself to the great heights only with the help of your voice.

Gjøvik: Friday night it was an absolute advantage to take one of Kafé Frimand's tables. The stage was held for little Silje Nergaard and her big voice.


Silje delivered a lovely concert, containing a good mix of her own and borrowed pop songs interspersed with a good portion of jazz.

And it was precisely jazz that attracted the most attention in the form of spontaneous applause from the café tables. The likeness of such an improvisational voice had obviously been seldom or never experienced before!

Silje Nergaard is musical like few and that was reflected in this concert.

With her keyboard and her guitarist, she created life and atmosphere.

Silje sang mostly in English this evening, but she also took the time to present a couple of the songs on her upcoming CD. It comes on March 7 and here she sings in her mother tongue!

Getting closer

During the Norwegian melodies we were served on Friday, we noticed how much closer we get to her right away. Therefore, we are waiting with some expectation for the new album to come. She has written all the melodies herself, while the lyrics are signed by Jan Eggum, Kristin Sandberg, Håvard Rem and Ole Paus.

Names that, like the artist herself, guarantee quality.

Enjoyed herself

The audience was easily carried away by Silje Nergaard's charming voice and her cozy small talk between the songs. It was clear that she enjoyed herself in Gjøvik.

Silje Nergaard will soon embark on a Norwegian tour in connection with the new album. After the response she received on Friday night, she will probably return to Gjøvik during this tour.

                                                                John Erik Thorbjørnsen


Use of voice: Silje Nergaard's use of voice was very impressive and ensured that the applause was loose at Kafé Frimand on Friday night.