Silje's appearances

the year 1994 - December 11.



article in Fredriksstad Blad, Monday December 12. 1994


Translated by Dag Sirnes:

Small and sweet Sunday concert

''So homely!'' Silje Nergaard consoled herself - and was on the verge of asking the 200 spectators in Gjestgiveriet's (Balaklava's) basement to say what their names were. First towards the end, the small, sweet concert also got personality.

By: Wenche Marie Jacobsen

An hour later than announced, the artist Silje Nergaard took over the basement's play corner together with guitarist and old friend Nils Einar Vinjor.

Stubborn audience

She opened alone on keyboards with the Beatles song "The Long and Winding Road" followed by Elton John's "Your Song". But understandably, it is no easy task to spin the playing nerve in a glistening basement room. Nergaard's incessant attempt to bring two spectators from their safe corner to the fireplace did not work. At least not in the corner. It did not help with "Call from New York", Alf Pr°ysen's Mj°sa sailing or one-armed bandit jazz.

But from Steely Dan and Kristin Sandberg's ''Nattsang'' at least the audience by the fireplace got closer and the applause became more sincere.

From English to Norwegian

''Nattsang'' belongs to Nergaard's new album which will be released this spring. There, all songs - unlike before - have Norwegian lyrics.

''Because Grandma has insisted a lot. She does not understand what I am singing'', the artist explained with a smile.

''Nattsang'' took the award as one of the concert's most evocative (songs) before jazz took over again - this time well-known ''Lullaby o 'Birdland'' and a ''Trafficjam'' with cars and buses that the concert couple pulled all the way in between tables and tempered wine glasses.

The exhaust had to be waved away before "En og En" ["One and One"], a Nergaard song translated from English to Norwegian, and her famous "Tell me where you're going" put an end to the 50 concert minutes. Small and sweet, but tailored for fragile Sunday souls without a penchant for musical security food.


Concert duo: Artist Silje Nergaard and guitarist Nils Einar Vinjor filled Gjestgiveriet's basement with a mixed but sweet Sunday atmosphere.

Photo: Thor-Arild Hansen