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the year 1994 - October 21.




Advertisement in Sarpsborg Arbeiderblad, Wednesday September 28. 1994

article in Sarpsborg Arbeiderblad, Monday October 24. 1994


Translated by Dag Sirnes:

Charmed everyone


Silje Nergaard
Venue: Rasputin
Organizer : Gleng Musikkforum
Number of spectators : 38

It was a charming and a little nervous Silje Nergaard who entered the stage at Rasputin during the concert on Friday. But both the charm and the nervousness meant that the charisma got an even better grip on the audience, who had a great time during the hour-long concert, where you got to experience everything from Alf Pr°ysen (ballads) to deep jazz tones.

It was a pleasant meeting for the nearly 40 people who had found their way to Rasputin to attend the concert with Silje Nergaard and guitarist Nils Einar Vinjor. Ever since the age of 17, when she broke through in the jazz city of Molde almost 10 years ago, the Hamar girl has shown that she can, both at home and abroad. There have been several recordings, and a new CD will be released on the market this spring.


There is no doubt that Silje Nergaard has charm. During Friday's concert, she charmed the audience with her slightly nervous attitude. On several occasions there was also a lot of laughter, but it all strengthened the charisma and gave a nice atmosphere in the small intimate room.

From ballads to jazz

Friday's concert was also a diversity from Silje Nergaard's repertoire. Here we got to experience everything from Pr°ysen (Now we sail on Lake Mj°sa) to more in-depth jazz tones. Silje Nergaard seems to pour a little more into ballads and pop songs than before. The young girl was the first time we call 'jazz-saved'. But Friday's concert gave a clear indication that the ballads are starting to be close to the 26 - year - old's heart.

Friday's concert provided a stream of experiences. Silje Nergaard showed that she treats both keyboards, guitar and flute. And together with his regular guitarist for the last 10 years, Nils Einar Vinjor, the concert got a good fullness.
Helge N. Solie

The picture

Charisma and charm: Silje Nergaard has both charisma and charm, which the audience appreciates. (Photo: Helge N. Solie)