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the year 1994 - October 3.



article in Glåmdalen, Tuesday October 4. 1994


Translated by Dag Sirnes:

Blank sheets with new colors


Oslo: ''We literally started with blank sheets when we were going to record ''With blank sheets''. The artists were allowed to stand completely free with their interpretations. On the other hand, we have far from had blank sheets when we have picked out the material. Prøysen has written a fantastic number of fine songs'', says product manager Sigbjørn Nedland about '' Med blanke ark - Sanger av Alf Prøysen '' (With blank sheets - Songs by Alf Prøysen), a record where new Norwegian artists interpret the old folk song master.

By:  Levi Henriksen

The year Prøysen would have turned 80, comes the tribute album where artists such as Pogo Pops, Dum Dum Boys and De Lillos (together), Tre Små Kinesere, Notodden Bluesband, Lynni Treekrem, Knut Reiersrud, Karin Krog and Silje Nergaard make their own versions of songs that have become public property in this country.

Alf and the Beatles

Bjørn Eidsvåg, who together with Silje Nergaard were the only artists who performed during Monday's press conference in Oslo, summed up his relationship with Prøysen as follows:

''This is a project we have both dreaded and looked forward to. For me personally, Alf Prøysen is a clear lyricist ideal. Recording his songs is a bit like making a record with Beatles songs. We feel such respect for the Prussians.''

Large photo:

Interpreter Prøysen: Knut Reiersrud (from left), Silje Nergaard and Bjørn Eidsvåg are among the artists who participate in "Med blanke ark - Sanger av Alf Prøysen", a tribute album where new Norwegian artists interpret the old folk song master.             Photo: Ole-Jonny Myhrvold

article in Halden Arbeiderblad, Tuesday October 4. 1994


Translated by Dag Sirnes:

New Prøysen album

Norwegian boss Ole Evenrud: New Prøysen album

"Yes, I have been pulling the strings and deciding how much money we should spend." The head of the Norwegian department in the record company PolyGram, Ole '' i'Dole '' Evenrud from Halden, was in the center of events at Det Norske Teater (The Norwegian Theater in Oslo) yesterday morning. It was a big media appearance when the Prøysen album "Med Blanke Ark" was released. Here, a number of today's artists interpret good, old Alf Prøysen songs. 

Text and photo: Thorkil Lindskog

On Saturday (NRK's) chose (the TV News program) Dagsrevyen '' Med Blanke Ark '' as the music news of the week, and in advance sales alone, the album has passed 20,000 copies.

New Prøysen audience

''Dad would have liked the result. New life for these songs can mean a new audience for Alf Prøysen!''

That is what Prøysen's daughter, Elin Prøysen, said, who was one of the many who took the podium during the press conference. We also got examples of how two of the artists have interpreted Prøysen, when Bjørn Eidsvåg and Silje Nergaard sang '' Jørgen Hattemaker '' and '' Så seile vi på Mjøsa '' respectively.

''Even though it ranges from Karin Krogh to DumDum Boys, I think you get a nice overall experience when you hear the album, and that is of course extremely important. A big thank you to the producer Håkon Iversen for providing a necessary common thread'', said Ole Evenrud, who acted as a kind of toastmaster during the presentation.

The Teskjekjerring (*) Theater

NRK's Sigbjørn Nedland is the mastermind behind the project ''Med Blanke Ark'', an album that will be released the year Alf Prøysen would have turned 80 years old. Nedland is primarily known through the radio's music program "Pandora's Jukebox".

''The first time I heard about the project, I was skeptical. But with the sense and understanding of the uniqueness of the songs that Nedland has, the skepticism quickly disappeared.''

This was said by Elin Prøysen, who also sits as a member of the board that will manage part of the income from record sales. The proceeds will primarily go to the Teskjekjerring Theater at Prøysenhuset, and all the buildings at Prestvegen which are visited annually by 25,000 visitors.

"Of course we set up and support an important Norwegian project like this here", said a very happy Ole Evenrud, who also managed to greet (NRK's broadcasting manager) Einar Førde between all the chores, for the album "With Blanke Ark '' has in fact become a collaboration between PolyGram, Ringsaker municipality and NRK Pe-tre.

We present a review of the new Prøysen album in tomorrow's newspaper.

Small photo: Broadcasting manager Einar Førde and Ole '' in 'Dole' 'Evenrud. The Prøysen album "Med Blanke Ark" is a collaborative project between NRK and PolyGram.

Larger photo: Ole Evenrud in good ladies' company. On the new Prøysen album, Rita Eriksen (left) sings "Sønnavindsvalsen", while jazz veteran Karin Krogh interprets   ''Alle har et søskenbarn på Gjøvik'' ("Everyone has a cousin in Gjøvik").

- - -

*   Teskjekjerring is one of Prøysens children's book characters : a lady, small as the size of a tea spoon.