Silje's appearances

the year 1994 - May 25. and 26.



article in Drammens Tidende og Buskeruds blad, Friday, May 20. 1994

Translated by Dag Sirnes:

Folky festival

The sixth Festival in Nesbyen will be a popular event. Five days of music, playing, dancing and social activities for all tastes. Not the biggest draws, but a musical breadth that will satisfy most people, both local people and visitors.

By: Gunnar Grimstveit

The festival in Nesbyen kicks off 25 - 29 May, the week before the Ål community hits the big drum with its folk music days. But the organizing staff in Nesbyen denies any element of competition with Ål. The festival in Nesbyen is a different event, where folk music is not in the forefront as it is in the neighboring village.

The organizers have taken note of the criticism of previous festivals about too strong a degree of seriousness and elements of classical music and created a much greater breadth in the program.

Actor and director Lars Sørbø is showing up during the Festival as a common thread. He will lead and perform in a number of events for young and old.


The really big attractions do not come to Nesbyen the last week in May. However, you get visits from both the concert pianist Wolfgang Plagge and the jazz musician Harald Gundhus, the versatile  artist Silje Nergaard and the visual artist Ferdinand Finne, so the program is not completely cut for big names.

New this year are daily 'Tailor hours', hour long concerts where day meets night. Here, a number of artists will seize the audience's attention, both local and national, danceable and listenable sessions.

"We have great faith in 'Tailor hours'. This will undoubtedly be memorable musical evenings'', says Per Nordal.


Back from left: Steinar G. Tveiten, Per Nordal, Bjørn Isachsen, - front from left: Ingunn Hanserud, Kai Sandanbråten and Finn-Tore Lindahl in the event committee welcome to the sixth festival in Nesbyen. Photo: Gunnar Grimstveit


article in Drammens Tidende og Buskeruds blad, Thursday May 26. 1994

Translated by Dag Sirnes:

Lars Sørbø set the mood

Hallingdal:  Actor Lars Sørbø as 'real Eik resident' set the mood when the festival at Nesbyen opened on Wednesday night.

By: Birger Morken

After mayor Wenche Gullingsrud had opened the sixth Festival at Nesbyen in Sorenskrivergården [Nesbyen Culture House https://www.kunstlandskapnesbyen.no/en/home/], actor and director Lars Sørbø took over the role of the laid back  'Eik resident' (Eik-væring) as only he can. And just popular is the key word for the festival program that lasts until Sunday. Sørbø will participate throughout the event with one-man shows, improvised juggling, fairy tale reading and fun for the little ones.

The festival opened on Wednesday night with two interesting art exhibitions. In Sorenskrivergården, Ferdinand Finne exhibits as many as 56 pictures, and this sales exhibition will run until 11 June. In Gallery Nystugu, the singer Silje Nergaard exhibits her pictures, and on Thursday she holds a concert.

The opening day continued with a classical concert "Mosaic" with 10 musicians from eight countries. Here, Nesbyen's own Soen Eng Bjerke participated on grand piano. The evening ended with Tailor's Hour ('Skreddertime') where the local Bluestilsynet - and El Fallos started a youth concert.

"It's good to be up and running, and it was extra nice that we could make the opening in Sorenskrivergården out in wonderful May weather," says festival director Per Nordal. '' The exhibition with Ferdinand Finne is a bit of a scoop, and it surprises me a little that so few people watched the opening. We still focus on a lot of people during the various events '', says an optimistic Nordal.