Silje's appearances

the year 1994 - Februari 17.


article in Arbeiderbladet, Friday February 18. 1994

Translated by Dag Sirnes:

Sussebass - with the last scream and golden throat

Lillehammer: First, he cascaded through the Olympic forests (yesterday). Then he cried a little, before ending the day with a great song. Through the golden throat he served "My Way", so we in the TV chair got goosebumps.
Bjørn Dæhlie can obviously do far more than go fast skiing (and win Olympic gold in the 10 km cross country ski race).
In NRK's TV program "Window to Lillehammer", he revealed himself as the versatile artist he is.
With authority and great power, and surprisingly good singing quality, he served hitherto unknown qualities to the public.

''My Way''

"My Way", just like he did earlier in the day. That is when he served the entire Norwegian press corps homemade cherry liqueur.
Then Bjørn was christened for an open stage for the song "Sussebass" by Rita Eriksen and Silje Nergaard. And marked, if not for life, at least for the evening. Two smack kisses were delivered very loudly.
Bjørn mastered the episode with the beauties perfectly, while we waited for the meeting with his beloved Vilde. She never came. Thus, there was no gold-plated end to the very special day.
But it was an ever so small ''patch on the wound''. Nicely framed, but fortunately only in the form of a copy, the picture "The Scream" by Edvard Munch was the last win in (host) Flatland's own award ceremony. Just to remind Bjørn of the day when the skiing sport finally provided a tear from the superman.

Short meeting

In the end, there was a short meeting with the IOC chief in person, but not long enough for Juan Antonio Samaranch to have the opportunity to thank for some gold medal money given to Lillehammer Olympic Aid.
Maybe just as well, because to be honest, NRK should have made sure to gather super donor Johann Olav Koss and Samaranch.
Still a good enough TV program for as many as 1.3 million Norwegians to be glued to the screen, to properly ''taste'' the hitherto glittering Olympic days along the northern shore of Lake Mjøsa.

                                                                                                               Svein Karlsen

Main photo: Bjørn with the last scream (Photo: Asbjørn Risbakken).

Small photo: Bjørn with the gold medal.