Silje's appearances

the year 1994 - January 28.


article in Telemark Arbeiderblad (Skien), Saturday, January 22. 1994

Translated by Dag Sirnes:

''Barbarene'' releases a CD

In the hope of exposing cheating and fraud in the pop industry, the presenters of NRK's radio program "Barbarene" (The Barbarians) have for the past two years invited Norwegian and foreign artists to the "MilliVanilla test". Those who passed the test with extra brilliance are now released on a compilation CD.

The CD is launched in a barbaric way with a live broadcast on the radio's P3 on Friday afternoon (January 28?). The profits from CD sales go to Amnesty International.

No cheating!

Pogo Pops, Rambelins, Silje, Yeahlove Swans, Crowded House, Aimee Mann, The 4 Of Us and Chocolate Overdose are among the groups that had to measure forces in P2 and later P3's studio before the barbarians let them escape, most of them unharmed.

However, the barbarians are not directly harmless. The pop stars have to answer for themselves in a more or less unintentional IQ test, consisting of brain-dead questions before they can prove their pure musical qualifications through a set of simple microphones.

None of the songs on the CD were later mixed, but appear as if they were recorded directly on the radio when the barbarians invited the group to random samples. Sour tones remain sour if the recording went wrong.

Celeber limbo list

But the test does not appear particularly barbaric. Only two of the approximately 100 artists who have participated during the two years the test has been running, had to leave the barbarians sloppy with a 'not passed' character in their back pockets.

"The bassist in Stage Dolls could not let them play, and the MilliVanilla test thus revealed that he did not actually play on the record," says Steinar Fjeld, who put the thumb down for the famous rock band.

''Many artists have said no, simply because they can not play their songs acoustically when they come here. Kim Wilde was content with my guitar when she visited us in the studio'', says Fjeld.

But the barbarians do not get such a celebratory visit every Friday.

''We almost have a limbo list for everyone to be able to join. The program is first and foremost unpretentious'', admits the barbarian who will wound up three bands during Friday's broadcast.

                                                                                                                   Beate Nossum, NTB


Collectible CD: Silje Nergaard is among the artists who left the barbarians with a star on their shoulders after passing Radioavisa's acoustic "MilliVanilli test" with brilliance. Together with 13 other Norwegian and foreign artists, she can be found on P3's collection CD for income for Amnesty International.