Silje's appearances

the year 1993 - November 20.



article in Sogn avis, Thursday November 18. 1993

Translated by Dag Sirnes:

Silje at Trøkkeriet

On Saturday, Silje Nergaard plays and sings with her band at Trøkkeriet in Sogndal. Silje has sung her way to the top of the charts in Japan, has climbed the charts in England and has even been to Rio, where she and Pat Metheny have made record recordings. As the first artist, she was invited to the 'sacred' Heian Shrine in Kyoto - a kind of Vatican in Japan. Now she is currently on the record with "Cow on the highway".

SA: Gunnar Stedje

So what has Silje used this success for, - well, she went back to her homeland, brought with her young Norwegian musicians, - including Nils Einar Vinjor from Årdal (in Sogn county) on guitar, - and made the record ''Cow on the highway'' which has just arrived in record stores. The album contains Silje's own melodies and was recorded in a studio by Akerselva (Aker river).

Ballads and barn dance

On "Cow on the highway", Silje plays on her entire musical register. Here is the song about a phone call from New York, about the friend June in need and of course about the cows on the highway. Silje's music is as complex as she is with directions in both jazz and 'folk', - one moment a lyrical ballad and then stepping in with 'full barn dance'. 

"My music is pop music," says Silje herself. She has experience and has experienced success abroad as well. On Saturday, Trøkkeriet and Lægreids (hotel) in Sogndal are on the tour schedule.

Caption: On Saturday, Silje Nergaard plays with a band at Trøkkeriet. She can look back on successes out in the wide world and is currently on the record with the production "Cow on the highway".