Silje's appearances

the year 1993 - May 13.



article in Arbeiderbladet, Friday May 7. 1993


Translated by Dag Sirnes:

Anti-racist concert in Oslo

The Norwegian Chamber Orchestra and Iona Brown lead the way when NOAS arranges a three-hour anti-racist concert at Rådhusplassen in Oslo on 13. May.

Mayor Ann Marit Sæbønes will open the event, and the concert's producer, Ken Simuyemba [from Zambia], has specially made a song that all artists will perform as the opening number. Anne Krigsvoll will be the speaker in the three-hour event where, among others, Silje Nergaard, Ole Paus, Ailo Gaup and Anne Lise Berntsen will participate.

All the artists perform for free, and although the concert will not make a profit, Thommesen [from NOAS] hopes that as many as possible will find their way to Rådhusplassen [The Town Square].

''When 10,000 people lined up to show Arne Myrdal [a Norwegian local politician and later a convicted anti-immigration activist] their backs [in Brumunddal], we hope it will be possible to get as many people to support such a preventive measure. It is just as important to act as to react, and show solidarity and interest in human rights in a positive and joyful way,'' she says.

                                                                                                       (NTB - Norsk Telegrambyrå)

article in Arbeiderbladet, Wednesday May 12. 1993


Translated by Dag Sirnes:

Ready for a large-scale love concert

The Park and Sports Division in Oslo has placed more than 100,000 colorful flower bulbs in central Oslo, which is why as many as 27,000 tulips bloom in red and yellow on Rådhusplassen (the town hall square). This new arena for big events comes into use tomorrow when NOAS invites to an international love concert. "'Simply love' 'is the common denominator against racism, a major event directed by Zambia artist Ken Simuyemba. Among those participating are Silje Nergaard, Ole Paus, Anne Lise Bertnsen, Henning Sommero, Raya, Ailo Gaup, the Inkululeko Choir and the Norwegian Chamber Choir. The speaker will be Anne Krigsvoll and mayor Ann-Marit Sæbønes will speak.

Caption: Silje Nergaard is among the artists at the love concert.