Silje's appearances

the year 1993 - March 22.



article in Ringsaker Blad, Thursday March 18. 1993


Translated by Dag Sirnes:

Silje and Trond Viggo against racism

Silje Nergaard and Trond Viggo Torgersen. Ken Simuyemba and Tor Karseth. In addition, Annette Thommessen will hold an appeal and 180 students will sing. The secondary schools in Brumunddal and Furnes are in the process of conducting an impressive preparation in their part of "Youth against racism".

By: Even Rise

''We want to take the task seriously. That is why we are going for an event with weight,'' says teacher Geir Willard at Furnes secondary school. He is proud of the qualities that will take part in the solidarity event "Youth against racism" on Monday night.

It was February 2. Spydeberg secondary school encouraged Ringsaker municipality to continue its view on racism.

The core of the problem

''Spydeberg is shielded from racist problems and it was no coincidence that Ringsaker was elected. As Brumunddal center is the core of the problem, and the pupils of Furnes and Brumunddal secondary schools are recruited from there, we saw it as natural to collaborate across the schools,'' says Willard. He would also like to commend local environmental consultant Roy Carsten's efforts to make the event possible.

''The first part of the show consists of local elements. Rock bands, vocal soloists, readings and a choir consisting of 180 students will be a good warm-up for the next act. Then national and international greats enter the scene,'' says Willard.

Silje live

The secondary school students' anti-racist attitudes are supported by local, but at the same time international Silje Nergaard. She and her band will probably present some of the music that will be on her next record. A new band composition with a more acoustic style meets the audience in Brumunddal.

''We know that Silje is looking forward to it. It will be fun to experience her in Brumunddal,'' says Willard.

Children's Ombudsman Trond Viggo Torgersen also supports the Brumunddal citizens' efforts to turn their backs on racism. He has said he is willing to be a presenter during the exciting and varied concert.

Ken Simuyemba is another name on the list of participants. For most people an unknown person, but definitely worth experiencing. An enormous body control and stage performance make his African rock and pop even better than the music in the first place is.

The next stage of the solidarity action is handed over to Vinstra secondary school.  

The photo: ''The event costs 40,000 kroner and the account is empty. Therefore, we hope for great support and encouragement,'' says Gunhild Tørhaugen, Anne Cathrine Amdahl, Kenneth Knutsen, Espen Skar, Geir Willard, Vigdis Dalen Sørbøl and Guri Reinsborg Kristoffersen.

program in Ringsaker Blad, Tuesday March 16. 1993


Translated by Dag Sirnes:

Brumunddal turns its back on racism (advertisement)

Brumunddal turns its back on racism

Action days

Monday 22 March in the theater hall at 19.00

•    '' Youth against racism '' - A solidarity concert
•    Silje Nergaard with band
•    Ken Simuyemba
•    Tor Karseth
•    Student input
•    Appeal by Annette Thommessen
•    Speaker: Trond Viggo Torgersen

Tickets: NOK 75/100
Advance sale: Brumunddal Book & Paper Store and at the entrance

Tuesday, March 23 at 19.00 in the cinema hall

Open meeting

•    State Secretary Jan Egeland: '' Think globally, act locally against racism ''
•    Roy Åkervik, Oslo International Center: '' Stranger at work ''
•    Mayor Thor Lillehovde presents and gives the starting shot for the campaign: '' Show face - Choose Brumunddal ''
•    Cultural element
•    Free entrance

Behind the events are:
Brumunddal On New Tracks,
Ringsaker municipality,
Furnes Secondary School,
Brumunddal Secundary School,
and SOS racism.