Silje's appearances

the year 1993 - March 16.



Advertisement in Sogn avis, Tuesday March 16. 1993

Advertisement in Sogn avis, Friday March 5. 1993 for Veka '93,
a students week arranged by students from Sogn and Fjordane University College,
with Tuesday March 16. in detail below

Translated by Dag Sirnes:

Tuesday, March 16th

17.00      The mini-seminar NYNORSK AS A LANGUAGE OF USE
              by university lecturer Jan Olav Fretland in auditorium PA, Parkbygget. 
              Collaboration with Det Norske Samlaget. Fri entrance.

21.00      VEKA-dress show of sports and casual clothes from Domus,
              hairstyles from Lily's hair salon
              and concert with Silje Nergaard at Keiserinnen (The Empress).
              Kr. 90 and 70 (members of the student community).