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the year 1987 - March 28



article in the newspaper Arbeiderbladet, Thursday, March 26. 1987

Translation by Dag Sirnes:

Rock against AIDS

On Saturday, groups such as Can Can, Backstreet Girls, Garden of Delight and The Tunicates will perform alongside people from the Norwegian Directorate of Health, an HIV-infected person, a psychologist and a gay man, in the first rock concert against AIDS in this country. Rockefeller will be the venue for the event, which, among others, the Directorate of Health has initiated.

Anne D. Nilsen

''We see this as a supplement to the AIDS week we had in February. Then we used television as a medium to reach young people. Now we use a rock concert, which is a forum where young people feel at home and like to stay on a Saturday night'', says specialist doctor Svein Erik Ekeid in the Norwegian Directorate of Health.

Together with InfoFilm and Video A / S, they got the idea for the concert during this weekend's Red Feather campaign. The same local TV network will be used when the seven groups Can Can, Garden of Delight, Backstreet Girls, Mellow Yellow, Gone at Last, The Tunicates and Follow That Dream play at Rockefeller. They start already at 21:30, but only at midnight does the three-hour rock concert begin, which is broadcast via the local network

In the program, which is led by former Kluzz employee Terje Myklebost and singer Claudia Scott, the musical elements are interrupted by questions and answers about AIDS. A full panel of people from the Directorate of Health, the Red Cross, the gay community and fellow psychiatrists and psychiatrists will try to answer questions about the disease, both from a full Rockefeller and from young people on an open telephone line.

Both young people and the elderly who have opinions about AIDS will be allowed to join the program, which consists of shorter posts than those experienced during the AIDS week. "People should not get so tired of AIDS talk that they turn off or go home," promises Svein Erik Ekeid.

Caption: Claudia Scott and Terje Myklebost will be presenters when the Norwegian Directorate of Health and InfoFilm and Video A / S arrange a rock concert against AIDS at Rockefeller on Saturday. (Photo: InfoFilm)


TV program in the newspaper Bergens Arbeiderblad, Saturday March 28. 1987:

The show was broadcasted via satellite by local TV stations.

Translation by Dag Sirnes:


24.00 :

TV-Bergen: Night rock against AIDS from Rockefeller in Oslo with, among others: Can Can, Backstreet Girls, Garden of Delight and Tunicates. Hosts: Claudia Scott and Terje Myklebost. (Approx. 3 hours)