Silje's appearances

the year 1987 - January 26.



article in Rogalands Avis, Saturday January 24. 1987

Translation by Dag Sirnes:

Sensual Silje

The last time she was to visit Stavanger, Silje Nergaard had to cancel the trip due to illness in the family. Now she's here - finally, a good many of us would say.

By Tormod Eikill

For Silje is not just anyone. She has a voice and charisma like few others in this country. Silje is one of those artists who does not allow the audience to sit indifferently in the hall. Either they love her or they can not stand her.

Which of the groups you want to place yourself in, you can decide after being at Achaia on Monday, where Silje visits the Backstage club with the band Mellow Yellow. If it can mean anything, at least newspaper critics around the country have performed a collective kneel for the Hamar girl - both the singer Silje Nergaard and the composer Silje Nergaard have garnered unusually many praises.

In addition to Silje, Mellow Yellow consists of Nils Einar Vinjor, vocalist and guitarist, Audun Erlien, bassist and vocalist, Stein Inge Brækhus, drums, and Reidar Skår, key player.

Silje delivers music that are on the borderland between jazz and rock - the influence from the American west coast (Steely Dan and Ricki Lee Jones) is noticeable, but not intrusive. The compositions and the singing voice have at least secured the girl a record contract with a Danish company.

''Norwegian companies are arrogant. They are not good enough with the artists. That is why I choose a Danish. They make me feel that I am something'', Silje has stated to newspapers before.

Caption: Silje Nergaard. Nothing wrong with concentration.