Silje's appearances

the year 1986 - December 28.



article in the newspaper Harstad Tidende, Friday January 2. 1987


Translation by Dag Sirnes [only the highlighted parts]:

News-poor video fair with nice features

HT Knut Gode

The video fair at Gammelbrygga this Christmas [December 28] - the industry's overall PR push here in the city - has a long way to go before the event rises above the ordinary outdoor evening.The fair contained little we did not know about video, but (had) in return some really nice live elements.


The group 'Discovery' first came up with standard dance music, ok performed, in a room that does not invite acoustic extravagances. Later in the evening, Silje Nergaard and Kristin Berglund stopped by, who with electric piano and guitar and two beautiful voices entertained with  newly written music. Rumor had it that the two had just returned from the US and a record recording. Earlier in the evening, they held a concert at HSD.

The applause only went up when Sjur '' Jonny Puma '' Hovland, this brilliant vocalist who is also active in the newly started '' Corny Horns '' entered the stage. Together with Silje Nergaard, the two sang an absolutely beautiful ballad.

Caption: Silje Nergaard and Sjur '' Jonny Puma '' Hovland as a well-sounding duet on the video ball at Gammelbrygga on Sunday during Christmas.

advert in the newspaper Harstad Tidende, Wednesday December 24. 1986