Silje's appearances

the year 1986 - December 25.



article in Forsvarets Forum 1986, Vol. 7, No. 25&26


Translation by Dag Sirnes:

Traditional Christmas in the north

Bardufoss: It will be Christmas this year too! Perhaps no sensational revelation, but nonetheless, at least now the Christmas ceremony is being taken seriously by the Armed Forces, which is trying to make the soldiers enjoy themselves during the Christmas and New Year weekend. The Armed Forces Forum took a phone call to hear about the Christmas preparations in the north.

Jarle R. Martinsen

[excerpt starting from '' Lekre jenter'']

Gorgeous girls

At the coastguard in Sortland, the boys will watch gorgeous girls on Christmas Day (December 25) when the Blue Girls have a show. Sports competitions and billiards tournaments are also some of the things that happen.

"The naval priest in northern Norway will have a service on Christmas Eve, and otherwise the welfare will buy Christmas presents for the soldiers," says welfare officer Lasse Reiersen.