Silje's appearances

the year 1986 - October 21.



Review with a translation from the Mellow Yellow concert in Kristiansand in the newspaper 'Fædrelandsvennen', Thursday October 23. 1986:



Translation by Dag Sirnes:

Energetic, elegant and sensual

By: Knut Holt

Silje Nergaard and Mellow Yellow visited Down Town on Tuesday. Silje Nergaard is a true child of Steely Dan, no doubt about it. But even if she has taken so much of her musical fuel from there, then she stands firmly on her own two feet, she has her own profile, her own color. And she casts her own shadow, or shall we say: She casts her own rainbow!

Her repertoire on Tuesday night consisted exclusively of her own compositions and lyrics, as far as I could perceive. All texts are in English.

First a stop by her group - Yellow Mellow - keyboards, drums, bass and guitar. (Occasionally through the songs Silje Nergaard also treats keyboards.) Mellow Yellow is a solid group, fully interplaying, harmonized and fixed like old circus horses. And what a punch, what a playfulness, what a mixed, steadfast energy!

Then to the lady, to the force and magnetic field Silje Nergaard: She has a voice of rich fullness, it is nuanced, soon attacking, devilish rough, soon cat soft tender (yet with claws!), It has a large, effortless nerve and its own sensual touch. One can here and now do nothing but quote a girl at the next table: - '' She has a future! '' Well - we all have a future, but you understand what she meant ....?

And her songs: Rough, dense, dynamic, with a sometimes sharp, glassy elegance. The lyrics are consistently mundane, a little friendly ironic, maybe a little bittersweet reflective. And the lady herself, this twenty-year-old from Hamar, she has an immediate and warm stage performance, you kind of feel like a good breath in your face that this is about 'The real thing' - no pretense, no carefully calculated image!

The only minus to state was that in the first set, her voice sometimes drowned out, which was not due to Silje, but the technique.

The crowd on Tuesday night in Down Town was of the calm and gentle, but absolutely enthusiastic kind.

 So we absolutely believe in Silje Nergaard when she finally said: '' This is the first time I'm here, but it's been nice, really nice. ''

Caption:  The force and magnetic field Silje Nergaard has a voice of rich fullness, nuanced, soon attacking, devilishly rough, soon cat-soft tender, effortless nerve and a personal sensual touch, - according to our reviewer. (Photo: Lars Hoen)