Silje's appearances

the year 1986 - September 24.



article in Bergens Arbeiderblad Friday, September 26 1986



Translation by Dag Sirnes:

Young and exciting

By Harald Vikøyr and Trygve Hillestad (photo)

They have an average age of 20 years and a few months, and are some of the more exciting things we hear from new Norwegian bands at the moment: Mellow Yellow. For the winter, they may be playing on record, but nothing is certain yet.

If anyone thinks this is an eastern band, they are wrong. The majority are now westerners, with two from Årdal and one from Os. The group's central figure is still the Hamar girl Silje Nergaard (20), who makes all the music and lyrics, and sings. Wednesday night they drew a couple of hundred people to Hulen [The Cave under the Nygård park[.

Nergaard can not completely decide to characterize the genre of music, but refrains from the term jazz-rock. Pop, rock with a bit of ballads and a clear relationship to jazz are still characteristic of the music.

In addition to Nergaard, the group consists of Nils Einar Vinjor (22, guitar), Reidar Skår (21, piano), Audun Erlien (19, electric bass) and Stein Inge Brækhus (19, drums). Skår og Vinjor are from Årdal, Brækhus is from Os, and one of the country's highly sought after drummers.

Mellow Yellow made a nice figure on Wednesday, with a slightly more orderly soundscape than we have heard before. Nergaard is clearly an unusual musical talent, and her songs can probably 'sit' well with a large audience over time. She also has a stage presence that helps, and in general we are excited about what Mellow Yellow will achieve. We assume for sure that these five musicians will make their voices heard in the time to come.


Talent band: Mellow Yellow and Silje Nergaard can make it happen, and her songs can win the attention of many.