Silje's appearances

the year 1986 - September 5.



Article in Fredrikstad Blad, September 4. 1986



Translation by Dag Sirnes:

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Autumn with blues and rock

By: Anne-Lise Johnsen

Café Pierrot will continue the style incorporated with live music on the weekends. "We focus on a slightly older audience in the café and have the impression that this audience likes this type of music," says Frank Svarholt.


But the music autumn is already underway on "Pierrot". And on Friday 5 September we can hear Knut Reiersrud and Blue Girls in the café. This is a musical project Kristin Berglund and Silje Nergaard started in the late autumn of 1985. The starting point for the duo was a performance they made together during the TV broadcast: Rock on the Dock, the Live Aid concert at Aker Brygge last autumn. The group plays rock, jazz and American folk and blues. Kristin plays guitar, Silje plays synth and Knut Reiersrud who is a renowned guitarist, usually plays in "Heavy Gentlemen".