Silje's appearances

the year 1986 - July 22



Music magazin 'Pulse', nr. 9, September 1986: picture taken at the Molde jazzfestival in 1986;
left to right: Junior Wells, Knut Reidersrud and Kristin Berglund.

In an article by Arild Rønsen in the music magazine 'Pulse' (nr. 9, September 1986), he writes about his visit to the Buddy Guy and the Junior Wells Blues Band concert. Here we also read: "One who will remember this concert better than most is Knut Reiersrud. In the middle of the set, Junior Wells catches sight of Knut in front of the first bench and says: '' Some people think you have to be black to play the blues with the right feeling. In that case, you have a masterful exception among you ... Get up .... '', and Knut must come forward and shake hands with both Wells and Guy. A gesture that of course had to be reciprocated ...".

After this concert Rønsen "... joined Junior Wells and Buddy Guy down to Naustet Vårt where Kristin Berglund, Silje Nergaard and Knut Reiersrud played for a sold out house and an audience that really enjoyed the 'Blue girls' huge portion of stage charm and varied music; their voices fit exceptionally well together, and there is no way how much music you can get out of a box guitar and a DX7. Nevertheless, it was Junior Wells who provided the historic mood over the concert. Sometimes you have the feeling of being part of something that only happens once in the world, there and then or here and now - that was how it was when Knut Reiersrud spotted Junior Wells far back at the doorway and asked if he had the harmonica with him and if he might consider pulling a song? And what a song that was! A blues of a hundred verses - and what could be better than Kristin Berglund '' continuing with an old blues '', as she said ... '' Let's drink and get drunk again ''; a nice statement [?] at the non-alcoholic Naustet Vårt."
[translated by Dag Sirnes]