Silje's appearances

the year 1986 - April 17



Article - with a translation - from the upcoming Mellow Yellow concert in Sogndal in the newspaper 'Sogningen-Sogns Avis' on Tuesday April 15. 1986:



Translation by Dag Sirnes:

Silje Nergaard, new star in Sogndal Jazz Club

Sogndal jazz club ends the semester next Thursday with vocalist Silje Nergaard and the band Mellow Yellow. This is an event in collaboration with Rikskonsertene. Silje Nergaard is, as most people will know, one of the new and very promising stars in the Norwegian jazz sky. She now appears as a member of the band Mellow Yellow, where in addition to singing she also plays keyboard instruments. This is the first time she is in Sogndal and we hope that many will take the opportunity to listen to this exciting band.

It is also worth noting that there are strong 'Sogn' elements in the band Mellow Yellow. Two from Årdal are here: Reidar Skår on keyboards and Nils Einar Vinjor on guitar. We also have Audun Erlien on bass and Ole Hamre on drums.

Drummer Hamre is known from the bands "Kick" and "Son Mu".

Silje Nergaard has composed much of the music. Mellow Yellow typically plays 'fusion' music, i.e. that here are elements of jazz, rock and pop. What you call it, is a matter of taste. The band has a modern soundscape. At times, it may be reminiscent of American Steely Dan. There will be many 'funky' tones at Lægreid [hotel] on Thursday [April 17].

Do you have anything better to do on Thursday night than to enjoy a good time in the jazz club?

Hardly, we will believe. Postpone spring work, gardening, jogging, exam reading or whatever it is you need to do and relax this evening. Bring your good friends to an evening of live music.