Silje's appearances

the year 1986 - March  12.



Announcement in Østlendingen, Wednesday March 12. 1986
''Aksjon mot apartheid (Action against apartheid ) 1986"'
the pofit (goes) to ANC / SWAPO

article in Østlendingen, Thursday March 13. 1986


Translation by Dag Sirnes:

Evening of Hope

Elverum: Judging by the optimistic spirit that characterized the cultural event "Action against Apartheid 1986", there should soon be freedom in store for people in southern Africa.

By Bodvar Lotsberg

Unfortunately, the current real situation in these countries is not as optimistic as the tones and words of hope we heard at the Forestry Museum last night.

''The waves are there. They MUST be stopped before there is a huge blowout'', said Bente Pedersen, leader of the Namibian association in a break chat.

''But, fortunately, hope is very much present. It is a viable hope. I'm also glad that this cultural evening is not just a bluff. It helps to give strength to play on all the positive things that have been in our local environment."

The message of hope was conveyed by the African cultural group Zikalo and a large selection of local forces led by Silje Nergaard. In addition, there were urging appeals.

''We need each other's cultural forms. I think they complement each other to a nice mix'', said presenter Oddvar Øieren so aptly once during the program

The other local contributions were Teen Cats, Cancona Nova, Siste Skrik, Afrikaoktetten og Elverum Accordion Club .

All participants performed for free, and we think everyone made enthusiastic performances from the stage to the great joy of a large audience.

We sincerely believe Bjørn Eidsvåg's lyrics that Siste Skrik sang, will win in the end: ''One day justice will prevail!''.

The photo: Cultural unification  across national borders between Silje Nergaard and the group Zikalo.