Silje's appearances

the year 1985


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date place, country / broadcast venue details
February 1
Oslo, Norway Hot House Mahavlshnu-dagen; Silje with quartet 
February 2
Oslo, Norway
Hot House
Silje with quartet
February 16
Hamar, Norway
Silje, accompanied by a small ochestra, singing 'Ricky, don't lose that number' (Rikky Don't Lose That Number);
the show -
Lørdagsbilaget - was bradcasted live at Norwegian TV (NRK1)
March 2
Kristiansand, Norway
Caledonien Hotel
Silje and Kristin Berglund as choir in the band "Cutting Edge", performing together with Jan Eggum
March 8
Hamar, Norway
Kvinneuke (Womans Week); Party night, after the demonsttration parade where Bente Pedersen from the Namibia Association in Elverum had spoken; Silje (vocals, electric piano) and Nils Einar Vinjor (guitar), among other artists
March 29
Oslo, Norway
Memorial evening for Billie Holiday; Silje among others; in duet with Elin Rosseland she performed 'Lover Man', accompanied by Terje Venaas, Erling Aksdal and Egil Johansen
March 30 Oslo, Norway Château Neuf Norsk Melodi Grand Prix, the Norwegian preselection for the Eurovision Song Contest, contributing with the song Si det, si det, with four background singers | snapshots | article
May 1
Rena, Norway
Åmot kirke
Peace service; Praising Choir with Silje Nergaard
August 31
Oslo, Norway
Aker Brygge
Rock on the Dock event "Sammen for livet" ('Together for Life'); Live Aid concert; Silje, Kristin Berglund and Nina Askeland performed together during 10 minutes in the afternoon; they sang "You've got a friend";
the youth magazine POP had a 64-page extra edition in September that year, with pictures from all the artists who participated during the Rock on the Dock concert, Silje in a trio picture with Kristin and Nina; the income went to Forente Artister (United Artists, initiating Rock on the Dock and the Live Aide account;
Silje and Kristin Berglund came together after this event and started the project Blue Girls, with Knut Reiersrud on guitar.
September 20
Lillehammer, Norway Brenneriet Døla-Jazz; Silje and her new Band
article | review | info band members and announcement jazz festival
September 30 Trondheim, Norway Hotel Royal Garden or Hotel Britania artistgala for the benefit of Africa; the concerts were live broadcasted on radio
October 6
Hamar, Norway
La barna leve (Let the children live), concert on behalve of Africa to collect money for the Live Aid account; Silje among others
October 9
Oslo, Norway
Jazz Alive
Silje and her Band
October 10
Oslo, Norway
Jazz Alive
Silje and her Band
October 11
Elverum, Norway
Rica Bryggeri
Silje and her Band
announcement and review
October 12
Oslo, Norway
October 16
Bergen, Norway
Silje (vocals), Nils Einar Vinjor (guitar), Reidar Skår (keyboards), Audun Erlien (bass) and Ole Hamre (drums)
November 10
Sandnes, Norway Røde Mølle "On the Rocks"; Silje
November 15
Ålesund, Norway
Ålesund Jazzforum
Nattjazz (Night jazz); Silje
November 16
Kristiansund, Norway
Silje and her Band
November 17
Silje and her Band
North of Norway
military camps
Silje toured visiting military camps