Silje's appearances

the year 1985 - October 11.



announcement in Glåmdalen, Thursday October 10. 1985


Translation by Dag Sirnes:

Silje Nergaard at Rica, Elverum

Perhaps Hedmark County's most current jazz artist at the moment, Silje Nergaard from Hamar, will perform with her band at Rica Bryggeri in Elverum tomorrow night. Silje and her four musicians have had great success after their debut during Døla-Jazz in Lillehammer earlier this autumn.

article in Hamar Arbeiderblad, October 14. 1985


Translation by Dag Sirnes:

Nice, Silje

HA - Terje Berntsen

Lots of sound and few people, but Silje Nergaard from Hamar managed, with the help of her talented musicians, to give a great experience to those who knew how to appreciate this style of music.

With mainly self-written songs, Silje performed a good concert at Rica Bryggeri in Elverum on Friday night. When you consider that this newly formed group had its fourth appearance, it is impressive what they achieved. Unfortunately there were a couple of technical clicks, but it was smoothly landed .

In large parts of the first section, the lyrics in the music drowned and Silje's voice did not come out as well as after the break. Then we really got to hear the melodic voice, and what capacity there is in it. Silje does not appear as a soloist with accompaniment, but the voice becomes part of a holistic soundscape. At times it could be reminiscent of the Jon Eberson Group, but still it was personal, and SILJE.

The group's good mood, with Silje as the front figure, managed to stem the negative impression many got during the break. Then the disco music resounded from the speakers. It did not fit well on this evening.