Silje's appearances

the year 1985 - September 20



article in Ringsaker Blad, Thursday September 19. 1985



Translation by Dag Sirnes:

Silje debut with a new band

"I'm very excited ... but I'm also looking forward to it," says Silje Nergaard eagerly. On Friday, the Hamar girl will perform with a new band and new songs at Døla-Jazz in Lillehammer. Døla-Jazz starts tomorrow, and the program is both strong and varied.

"Silje Band consists of young and exciting musicians", Silje Nergaard (19) continues. None of the musicians are over 24 years old. The band consists of Nils Einar Vinjor on guitar and Reidar Skår on keyboards - both from Sogn county, Ole Hamre from Bergen plays drums, and the youngest is the 18-year-old bassist Audun Erlien from Tønsberg. (Hamar Dagblad)

article in Jazznytt, nr. 4, 1985



Translation by Dag Sirnes:

Dølajazz 1985

The distinctive jazz festival in Lillehammer is also beginning to reach adulthood, this year's event from 18 to 22 September is the eighth in a row. And as usual, they decided to run an almost all-Norwegian festival - that such a decision can be a great success was proved by last year's event.

Wednesday 18 September opens with a church concert, Karin Krog, John Surman and Bengt Hallberg in collaboration with a locally composed choir of 100 singers. The following day you can hear Tove Karoline Knudsen Trio, as well as local bands in the form of Swingnes and Kristi Kinsarvik Trio.

On Friday, the stage is set for NRK (Norwegian Rhythm Kings), a very interesting tradband with, among others, Tore Jensen on cornet, who recreates the Armstrong music from the late 20s. Silje Nergaard Band comes from Hamar, and the New Cool Quartet is in place, this time in collaboration with one of its great role models, the saxophonist Lee Konitz.

This year's commissioned work will be performed on Saturday, responsible for this are Knut Riisnæs, Morten Lassem and Torgrim Sollid. These three will also be soloists with this year's workshop big band, which also has Elin Rosseland, Kristi Kinsarvik and Vesla Hagen as vocal soloists. On the same day there will also be music by Thorgeir Stubø Quintet, as well as Søyr, the latter organization will also play a concert on Sunday morning.

In addition, there will be open-air concerts, children's activities and night jams - besides: Lillehammer is an exceptionally pleasant city!