Silje's appearances

the year 1985 - September 20.



article in Østlendingen, Monday September 23. 1985


Translation by Dag Sirnes:

Silje success

at fun'', smiles a tired but happy Silje Nergaard (19).

The Hamar girl's debut concert with her own band, ''Silje'', was a success. Her self-composed jazz / pop / rock-inspired songs struck a chord with the more than two hundred listeners in Brennerikjelleren in Lillehammer during Døla jazz on Friday night.

By: Erik Larsen

Especially in the second set, it swung well both by the band and in the hall. ''Silje'' was impressively well played together, and the young musicians showed a joy of playing and enthusiasm that is rare. Silje Nergaard's voice was also stronger and clearer, at the same time as she managed to keep the delicate, sensitive mood. Slightly annoying "skødding" (unclean tone hit?) Can probably be attributed to debut nerves in the musicians. When the band now sets off from Døla jazz and out on tour, surely such little things will be corrected.

''Of course we could have done better. But I'm still very happy. We had fun, and the audience seemed to thrive'', says Silje.

The five, Silje, Nils-Einar Vinjor (22), guitar, Reidar Skår (21), keyboards, Audun Erlien (18), bass, and Ole Hamre (25), drums, were excited before the concert. They knew from the rehearsals that the songs were good, but not how the audience would react to the songs.

"For me, it is especially nice to experience that the audience likes my compositions," says Silje. The repertoire consists mainly of Silje's own songs. Vinjor has also made a couple of the songs. The group has also rehearsed a number of well-known jazz and jazz rock compositions. The interpretation of "Round About Midnight" stood out, something the guitarist Nils-Einar Vinjor should have a lot of credit for. The playing is sensitive and precise, and he is, as far as I can judge, a perfectionist when it comes to choosing tones in the solos that create excitement in the harmonies.

Silje has picked up the musicians from Årdal, Tønsberg and Bergen. Clearly, the band members are inspired by sophisticated jazz / pop / rock, (including Steely Dan). Silje's compositions are relatively demanding both harmonically and melodically, so it is well done to make the songs swing properly. A little more weight in the comp may be desirable. Possibly that lack is due to the venue - a glass and metal disco, elongated with a cramped stage and little intimacy. Precisely for this reason, it was fabulous of "Silje" to keep the audience engaged.

On October 12, the group will come to Elverum. Those who like advanced pop / rock meed jazzz elements have something to look forward to.