Silje's appearances

the year 1985 - May 1.



article in Østlendingen, Tuesday April 30. 1985



Translation by Dag Sirnes:

Praising at the peace service at Rena May 1

True to tradition, Åmot parish council invites to a peace service in the church at Rena on 1 May.

In addition to the chaplain Heinke Førtsch, the Praising Choir and Silje Nergaard from Hamar will also participate, and some of the confirmants participate in the service which they have helped to prepare and which is based on the theme book "Peace - before life has lost". The book is published by the Church Information Service for use in church work and has also been used at previous peace services.

In this connection, a slide show will also be shown in which survivors of the Hiroshima tragedy have drawn down their impressions after the first atomic bomb in history.

After the service, the confirmants invite the congregation to church coffee at the primary school, where they offer coffee and home baking that they themselves have been masters of - and the Praising Choir will also here do some numbers.