Silje's appearances

the year 1985 - March 30.


article in Østlendingen, Monday April 1. 1985


Translation by Dag Sirnes:

This was great fun

Chateau Neuf: ''This was great fun! It does not matter that I only became number eight - because I like my song!'' Silje Nergaard seems anything but depressed after five public juries and five professional judges have spoken. The 18-year-old from Hamar is bubbling just as incessantly - and only when a bunch of kids ask for the autograph does she become silent for two seconds: "Wow, you want my autograph - I was only number eight!"

By Per Flakstad and Håvard Lillebo

Before Silje went on the air with her ''Si det, si det'' (Say it, say it) Saturday night, we met the (Norwegian national final) grand-prix debutant in a quiet corner just after the dress rehearsal. Silje was not completely happy:

''Did you hear the text properly? This melody is actually a little low for me.'' Silje corrects the pink alpine hat. It was the salvation after the attempt to dander the hair for the sake of all the people is definitely abandoned.

No nerves

''Is it possible to go on stage with the alpine hat?'' Silje asks, and the surroundings nod in the affirmative. Silje relaxes, and firmly denies that she is nervous.

''How do you think this is going?''

"Well, 'Si det  ...'  " (*), says Silje, and assures that she is basically just as happy regardless of the result - only she manages to perform her "Say it, say it" in a proper way.

Silje met well prepared for the final. All the finalists were in for rehearsals and fine-tuning before the weekend - and on Friday night Silje went to a jazz club:

''Here we had a jam session with Hanne krogh. Wonderful!'', Says Silje, and runs up to (do) ''Say it'' with empathy and warmth to the whole of TV-Norway.

Popular debutant

There was no trip to Gothenburg and finals in the Grand Prix for Silje Nergaard. The songbird from Hamar did not care. In the chaos afterwards, we found Silje in the middle of the crowd of press photographers and autograph hunters - a clear sign that the fireworks with the pink alpine hat were so definitely noticed. The last word is not said and written about Silje Nergaard - if we can say it that way.

Big photo: With a pink alpine hat and a twinkle in her eye, Silje Nergaard performed her "Say it, say it".

Smaller photo: '' Do you want MY autograph? - I was just only number eight! '' Silje was noticed at Cateau Neuf.

(*) ''Say it'' in the context here, can perhaps best be translated into English with ''Who can tell?''