Silje's appearances

the year 1984 - December 2.



On December 2. 1984 in Bergen the recordings started to make an LP for "Hot Project 2". Silje has collaborated with the composer, guitarist and poducer Hans Petter (H.P.) Gundersen in collecting the material. Silje wrote the texts of 5 songs and Silje sings in all songs. Gundersen had seen Silje in a TV appearance and then contacted her for Hot Project 2. In 1984 he had released Hot Project's LP "On the roam" under the EMI Norsk label.

At the beginning of 1985 the LP seemed to be released in the autumn that year. Looking back Silje had written both lyrics and music, sang in each track and in one song she sings in duet with Řyvind Elgenes. The title song will probably be called "New Company", but if the LP gets the same title, that's not yet certain. Silje wrote the lyrics of New Company and Gundersen the music we learn from both Silje and Gundersen.

In the spring of 1986 the release of the album had already been postponed twice due to various circumstances, much to Silje's disappointment. At that time, she was convinced Hot Project 2 would actually be released in the autumn of 1986. Then Silje also speaks of recordings in Sweden. But at the end of that year, it turned out not to be the case. Now February 1987 was mentioned as
moment of release of the Swedish-produced Hot Project 2, but Silje hardly dared to name it anymore.... In the end, unfortunately, the LP never appeared. It is not known whether Silje ever used her song New Company or other songs she wrote for this project.

But in September 1987 there is new hope, now because of planned recordings around upcoming New Year, together with Knut Reiersrud (guitar) and Audun Erlien (bass), with whom she has performed for some time in America and Norway.  


Note: Based on articles in Hamar Arbeiderblad (4.12.1984, 13.2.1985, 30.4.1986, 10.5.1986, 1.11.1986, 23.9.1987) and Bergenavisen (7.12.2008).