Silje's appearances

the year 1984 - March 19.



Silje singing the song Radka in the program "Flimra's Euromix - pop and rock around Europa". Flimra was a programserie for adolescence. Silje performed with Johannes Eick on bass and Bård Slagsvold on piano, together named: Profil [= Profile]. The recording was broadcasted earlier in Flimra's 'Musikk landet rund on December 5 1983.
The announcement of Silje in this program and the interview with her afterwards here to read, translated by Dag Sirnes.
With four stills from this broadcasting.

Announcement of and interview after Silje singing "Radka" - translation

00:00 Host (H):   In each program we let you get to know the Norwegian artist or artists that we have chosen to present to the European audience - some of them are established, others are in the starting pit.

We have been on a talent hunt around our country and found one in Hamar. Her name is Silje Nergaard, she is 17 years old, goes to 2nd high school and performs the song Radka - in a recording from the program Musikk Landet Rundt  (Music Around The Nation).

00:31 Radka (song)

04:34 Interview with Silje

04:35 Host: Tell us a little about the song you performed, Silje.

Silje (S): I wrote it for Radka, together with Bård who played the piano. He has made the melody. We collaborated a bit - but I am mostly responsible for the text alone.

H: Radka, it's Radka Toneff?

S: Yes

H: You sing '' .... like an echo of your voice .... ''. You are very interested in her voice?

S: Yes. I am - and I think she was a very nice artist. Very honest.

H: These other musicians you have here .....?

S: It's Bård Slagsvold on piano and Johannes Eick on bass.

H: Are they people you play with on a daily basis?

S: No, we are disbanded now because Johannes will move to Trondheim. But we have been a group - it was called Profile.

H: Profile, yes. You are very young for singing jazz and I know that you also do other forms of music.

S: Yes, but it's (mostly) about jazz. It (really) does. I think jazz is closest to me, although I do other things as well.

H: When I called you, you said that now you were so tired because now you had been to an event for 5 days and this here came on top of it all - and what kind of music did you sing then?

S: It was more commercial - more danceable.

H: Danceable? But there are good artists among (those who make) danceable as well?

S: Yes, yes!

H: For example ....?

S: What do you mean?

H: You mentioned one ....

S: Yes ..... Chaka Khan and such. But the fact that I stand there and sing songs like she has done - I think it's a little difficult. I try as best I can - even though I sing songs made by great singers - I try to do it my way. deliberately trying not to copy anyone.

H: But you .... how did it all start with singing and you?

S: Well ..... jazz?

H: Yes, or maybe something .....

S: I have always sung, at home - and in the bathroom ....

H: I know that just around the corner - or if not on the very corner here, there is a small single that has arrived.

S: Yes.

H: It's called ...?

S: One of these mornings

H: Is it your own stuff?

S: Yes. One of the (two) songs I made myself - (just) that one.

H: What are your future plans?

S: No ..... I do not usually make so many future plans, myself ........