Silje's appearances

the year 1984 - March 16.



Review in Avisen Nordlands Framtid, Wednesday April 25. 1984

Translation by Dag Sirnes:

Fine Easter jazz

Is this the girl who will fill the void left by Radka Toneff? Silje Nergaard - the 17-year-old from Hamar who took the Bodų audience by storm during Easter jazz at Sinus. For there is no doubt that the girl has talent, and she has already managed to become a skilled artist with a mature voice. At the same time, she is young and fresh and with an enormous charisma.

Silje was "discovered" during the jazz festival in Molde last year, and has recently released a single. On a daily basis, she is a high school student and sings in the group Ham-Jam. Besides being a vocalist, she is behind several of the songs. Intense empathy and steady improvisations are characteristic of Silje's singing, and it is certainly a girl we can expect more from in the coming years.

The other "guest" at Easter jazz was the saxophonist Henning Gravrok from Tromsų. He is also on the move from Tromsų, and Gravrok is also a musician there is reason to rejoice. He also contributed a lot of self-produced material and had several strong solos. Initially, I noticed particularly fine instrumental songs.

With them were a band of local musicians. Jan Gunnar Hoff (piano), Terje Nilsen (bass), Finn Robert Olsen (guitar) and Robert Karlsson (drums) all did a good job. Despite the lack of time to practice together, they seemed incredibly cohesive and there was a good balance.

I especially want to highlight Jan Gunnar Hoff. There was a lot of wonderful, experimental synthesizer music. He and Silje were nice together.

"The quiet week" did not go completely quietly. The organizer, Ad Lib, drew many people to good Easter jazz at Sinus.

Kari Karstensen

Caption picture: 17-year-old Silje Nergaard from Hamar impressed the Bodų audience with a mature voice and steady improvisations.