Silje's appearances

the year 1982


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date place, country / broadcast venue details
spring Hamar, Norway
Silje joined the (Ten Sing) gospelchorus Praising
July (probably this year) ?   Silje was at a ten days summercourse where American Dee Kohanna (LP: Eclipse, 1978, label Rock Creek 33259) was teaching
autumn Oslo, Norway   Bel Studios: recording of Svart Regn, duet with Bertil Reithaug, and Siste Bønn (incoming at the end), for the album Grenseland; the producer was Jonas Fjeld
September Hamar, Norway   Silje joined the band HamJam, started up by Bjørn Sandnes; she was the lead-singer of this band till early fall 1984; HamJam often performed, in average 3-6 times a month
October Hamar, Norway
Silje was at a weekend-workshop organised by Torgrim Sollid, teacher of the Norsk Jazzforbund (also leader of the group SØYR; LP: Čierny Peter, 1983) along with Tove Knutsen as a teacher.
Johannes Eik and Bård Slagsvold were also joining this workshop and they started playing together