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the year 1982


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aerly this year
Hamar, Norway
Silje joined the (Ten Sing) gospelchorus Praising, with Hans Jacob Thorkildsen as conductor in 1982 and 1983
March 6-7
Gjøvik, Norway
Fredheim School
Ten-Sing seminar in Gjøvik with 130 singers and muisicians; perhaps Silje joined this meeting?; later that year 200 singers were singing at a concert lin this town in November; was it here Silje sang solo..?
article seminar | article November concert
Note: in an article from 1983 Silje tells she was at a Ten Soing seminar in this town, to learn how to arrange;
during the seminar she got to sing solo with a choir of 200 behind her; altough this March-seminar was not in the summer, this was the only seminar that year
autumn Oslo, Norway   Bel Studios: recording of Svart Regn, duet with Bertil Reithaug, and Siste Bønn (incoming at the end), for the album Grenseland; the producer was Jonas Fjeld
(perhaps later, "around Christmas time")
Hamar, Norway
Silje joined the band HamJam, started up by Bjørn Sandnes; she was the lead-singer of this band till early fall 1984; HamJam often performed, in average 3-6 times a month
November 5-7
Hamar, Norway Hamar Lærerhøgskole (Hamar Teacher's College)
Silje was at a three-day weekend-workshop (seminar in jazz/improvisation) organized by Hamar Music Forum, with aound 40 musicians from all over the country. Teachers/instructors: Torgrim Sollid, teacher of the Norsk Jazzforbund (also leader of the group SØYR; LP: Čierny Peter, 1983), Tove Knutsen, Tore Engstrøm, Nils Jansen,Tor Mathisrud and Carl M. Waadeland.
Note: Johannes Eik and Bård Slagsvold were also joining this workshop and they started playing together as 'Profil' (see 1983)
November 7
Hamar, Norway
Astoria hotel
Jazz Cafe. Completion of the jazz seminar organized by the Hamar Musik Forum (see above), largely filled with the participants of the seminar, including Silje, presenting a repertoire rehearsed during the seminar, and partly by instructors - all part of the orchestra Søyr -  i.e. Tore Engstrøm (sax / piano), Nils Jansen (sax), Torgrim Sollid  (trumpet), Tor Mathisrud (bass), Carl Haakon Waadeland  (drums) and Tove Knutsen (vocals)
November  27
Hamar, Norway
Hamar Lærerhøgskole, aula (Hamar teacher schools' auditorium)
Concert with four Ten Sing groups from Hamar (Praising), Lillhammer (Salt), Brumunddal (Jonas) and Elverum (Herads-sing), during their yearly weekend, singing alone and all four together; Silje was active as soloist
picture with Silje singing solo