Silje's appearances

the year 1982 - November 27.




Picture in Østlendingen, Wednesday December 29. 1982,
taken from the article ''Ten-sing - Teenager jubilant'', written by Geir Bjørnar Smebye.

Note: Altough this picture is not timed, it is certainly from the concert on Saturday November 27. 1982, according to
an article in Hamar Arbeiderblad (from November 29. 1982), which mentions that date of this concert.

Translation by Dag Sirnes:

Caption from Østlendingen's article:
When Ten-sing choirs meet, joint choirs are often formed, such as where Praising from Hamar, Jonas from Brumunddal, Salt from Lillehammer invited to an internal concert in the Teachers' School's Hall in Hamar. Conductor is Hans Jacob Torkildsen and soloist is Silje Nergaard.