Silje's appearances

the year 1982 - March 6 and 7.



Article in Oppland Arbeiderblad, Monday March 8. 1982


Translation by Dag Sirnes:

Successful choir seminar for Ten Sing in Gjøvik

This weekend, Response Ten Sing gathered for a seminar at Fredheim School, where the preparations for the May 17 concert were in focus. 130 singers and musicians participated in the gathering, which in addition to the musical also provided ample opportunity for conversation, entertainment and fun. The participants spent the night at the school, and the leader of the choir, Tom Torkehagen, says that this type of gathering will be a very cheap alternative to expensive hotel seminars. And from what we could judge, everything indicated that the young teenagers enjoyed themselves, at the same time as the seminar provided rich inspiration.

On Saturday, the gospel singer Arnold Børud visited the Gjøvik choir. He concentrated on rehearsing the choir sound, which the participants found very instructive.

Annual choir seminars have gradually become a tradition in Response Ten Sing in Gjøvik, and this weekend's seminar follows nicely into the series of successful gatherings.

Caption: Some of the participants during the Ten Sing seminar in Gjøvik on the occasion of the photographer's visit.