Silje's appearances

the year 1982 - November 4.



Article in Oppland Arbeiderblad, Thursday November 4. 1982


Translation by Dag Sirnes:

Tonight's anniversary concert:

200 singing young people in Gjøvik church

Today's anniversary concert in Gjøvik church will be of the happier type. Response Ten Sing and Ten Sing B-choir perform with a total of 200 singers and a program, which according to Tom Torkehagen says, must be characterized as modern - and consequently a little different than what we have witnessed so far this festive week.

The B-choir Arnfinn Hasle and Tom Pettersen Hammerseng on organ and tenor saxophone, respectively, open the concert with a Duke Elligton song. Then it goes hand in hand with both choirs, among other things in "Oh, stay with me" where one choir will be in the gallery and one down in the church. Accompaniers, Arnfinn on organ and Tom on sax.

"We think it will be a nice concert," says Tom Torkehagen. A kind of combination of 'the whole congregation sings' and a concert.

'' So people will be allowed to join? ''

"They will, and therefore we hope for a full church," says Tom. With him as concert leader, he has Dag Landmark, who will take care of Response Ten Sing.

Caption: According to conductor Tom Torkehagen, the anniversary concert tonight will be of the more modern kind. Here he conducts the Ten Sing B choir.