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the year 1980


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April 22 - 24
Hamar, Norway Hamar Rådhus, Teatersalen
Musical "Pappa gifter seg" (Dad Gets Married).
Cast: Jørn Kolsrud (father), Helle S. Johnsen (Bianca), Berulf Taraldsen (priest) and Silje Nergaard, Marianne Steifetten, Unni Rykhus and Øyvind Rostad (children); lyrics by Berulf Taraldsen, music by Anders Ørbæk.
Storyline: The play is about a father and his four children. The father is a widower, a teacher, and the children find it necessary to give him a little help on the road for him to remarry. But enterprising as the kids are, it does not present any particular problems. For a priest also belongs in the circle of friends.