About this album


A brief track by track breakdown by Silje Nergaard (track 12 not on the Norwegian release):

  1. How Am I Supposed to See the Stars is about losing perspective. The stars are out there but are too far to see. I suppose this is a very sad song.
  2. Once I Held a Moon is inspired by Brazilian music, which I love. Moonlight is for lovers, but the moon could care less how we feel about it. It’s about being fooled, sort of “moonstruck”. It will always fool you in the end.
  3. Dance Me Love… Love takes you through the difficult periods…a love song to love? You can manage with love- love as a dancing partner…
  4. You Bring Me Flowers. Say it with flowers? Maybe you should say it with words, with actions. It isn’t always enough to gain forgiveness from a girl with flowers, you know…
  5. I Don’t Want to See You Cry was inspired by a friend’s marriage problems. This song actually received an honourable mention award from a song competition.
  6. In A Sentence is very “jazz standard”. A simple yet elegant trio performance, just like I like it. No need for more!
  7. Take a Long, Long Walk is a fun song about asking your boyfriend to go for a real long walk, preferably off a pier. Funny what love makes one think of. A vanishing trick.
  8. This Is Not America is such a great song. I wanted to make this into a different mood from the original, into a ballad. I actually played this with Pat Metheny a few years ago, in a concert at the Molde Jazz Festival.
  9. Be Gone is truly inspired by a very 1970’s sort of thing…think of Ricky Lee Jones.
  10. Borrowing Moons is about taking care of what you’ve got. If you really love someone, then show them, tell them. Do it while you can, before it’s too late.
  11. Unbreakable Heart. The title was inspired by an advert for a film, which I saw an ad for on a plane, on the way to Korea. Sometimes simple words can inspire a me to write a song, and provide me with associations to build on.
  12. On and On was written about a friend who had a lot of emotional problems, who was very down. I wanted her to pick herself up, out of her depression.

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