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The Silje Nergaard Band:
Jens Bugge Wesseltoft - keyboards 
Nils Einar Vinjor - guitar 
Bjrn Kjellemyr - acoustic bass, electric bass 
Per Lindvall - drums, percussion

Additional musicians:
Tore Brunborg - saxophone 
Eivind Aarseth - guitar 
Ivar Anton Waagaard - piano

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Producer: Ulf W.. Holand
Co-producers: Silje Nergaard and Nils E.Vinjor
Recording: Ulf W.. Holand, Rainbow Studio and LydLab, 1994; assistent recording engineer: Stian Holm Pedersen
Mixing: Ulf W.. Holand, LydLab, January 1995
Chorus arrangement: Silje Nergaard
String arrangement "Pappas vals": Kenneth Sivertsen
Sponsored by: the Norwegian Kassettavgiftsfond
Frontpicture: Herborg Pedersen
Sculptures: Silje Nergaard
Picture sculptures: Sissel Flo Nilsen
Picture studio: Silje Nergaard
Graphic design: Petter Skau Jakobsen
Mastering: Bjrn Engelmann, Cutting Room, Stockholm
CD-production: CD-plant, Malm